Rule gate

This guides assumes you have a page setup with your rules.

The rule gate feature ensures all your players have seen the rules, on the community website.
Players are requested, via an in-game direct message, to visit the community website and accept the rules.
You can set a trial time, during which new players can run around on your servers without having to accept the rules.

Step 1: Admin tools settings

Navigate to the Settings page, under Admin tools.
Here you can find the Rule gate settings.

Step 2: Activate Rule gate & trial period

By checking the 'Players must accept rules to play on server' checkbox, you activate the rule gate.
Make sure you have your rule page selected on the Rules page dropdown.

Finally, you can set a trial period. Players receive in-game reminders about the remaining trial time. 

When you are done, make sure to hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

In-game experience

And when the trial time expired, the following message will appear:

If the user fails to accept the rules within 2 minutes, they will get kicked from the server.

Rule gate on community website

When the user logs in on the community website, they are automatically redirected to the page you setup as the rule page.
A button will show at the bottom of the rule page, where the user can accept the rules.