Setup Twitch whitelist for your server

This feature requires your server to have our GameserverApp Integration mod installed.

The Twitch whitelist is fully automated. It does not require Streamer actions, so you no longer have to worry about syncing the whitelist for players!

Step 1: Access the game server

Go to the game server overview page, and click the name of the game server.

Step 2: Enter Twitch channel name

To activate the Twitch sub whitelist, please enter the name(s) of the channel(s) where the Twitch user should be subscribed, to be added to the whitelist.

Make sure to save the changes when you are done.

Step 3: Configure the whitelist policy

Go to to configure your whitelist policy per game server.

How do your subs connect?

  1. Share the link to your community website with your sub.
  2. Your subs should login, using their STEAM account
  3. Your subs should go to the settings page (on your community website)
  4. On the setting page, they can connect their Twitch account.
  5. They will automatically be added to your whitelist. 

Please contact the helpdesk if you run into any difficulties