Prepare your Hetzner server to connect

Preparing your Hetzner (game-)server takes approximately 15 minutes, including the install time for Linux (Ubuntu 16.04).

This guide is specifically made for the Hetzner EX42-NVMe

Step 1: Activate rescue mode

Activate rescue mode via the Hetzner Robot dashboard. Click you server and navigate to the 'Rescue' tab. Please do note that this step will remove all data from your server. If you do not want to lose any data on your server, please DO NOT proceed.

Configure the Rescue for as show below, and hit "activate rescue system".

You will now see the user and password for your server. Please make sure to save the password!

Step 2: Restart the server

To activate rescue mode, we need to restart the server. We can restart the server via the Hetzner dashboard.
Navigate to the 'Reset' tab and select "Execute an automatic hardware reset".

Step 3: Login with Putty

You can connect to your server using SSH. In layman terms this is a type of language, that computers can use to communicate securely. You can also use SSH to communicate with your server. For Windows users please download PuTTY. For Mac and Linux users, please use Terminal with command: 'ssh [email protected]'.

Now hit OPEN. A message may pop up. Please press "Yes" to trust your server.
When the connection is established, you are requested to provide a username. Please enter root as your username and press enter.
You will now have to enter the password for your server (the one displayed when activating Rescue mode). Enter the password and press enter.

Step 4: Activate installation process

When you are logged in, you can now activate the automated installation process. All you need to do is copy the line below and paste it into your PuTTY window. Press enter when pasted.

Auto install command:
installimage -a -n gameserverapp -b grub -r yes -l 0 -i root/images/Ubuntu-1604-xenial-64-minimal.tar.gz -p swap:swap:16G,/boot:ext3:512M,/:ext4:15G,/lxd:ext4:all -d nvme0n1,nvme1n1 -f yes

After pressing enter, you will see the following screen:

Step 5: Wait for installation to finish

Wait until the installation says "INSTALLATION COMPLETE".

When done, type 'reboot' (without quotes) in the PuTTY window and press ENTER. It will reboot your server and terminate the connection between PuTTY and your server.

Your server is now installed and ready to connect with GameserverApp!

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