Prepare your Linux Hetzner server to connect

Preparing your Hetzner (game-)server takes approximately 15 minutes, including the install time for Linux (Debian).

This guide will remove all data from your Hetzner machine. If you do not want to lose any data DO NOT proceed.

Step 1: Install Debian

Activate the Linux installation via the Hetzner Robot dashboard. Click you server and navigate to the 'Linux' tab.

Configure as shown below and hit "Activate Linux installation".

You will now see the user and password for your server. Please make sure to save the password!

Step 2: Restart the server

To activate the Linux installation, we need to restart the server. We can restart the server via the Hetzner dashboard.
Navigate to the 'Reset' tab and select "Execute an automatic hardware reset".

Step 3: Wait for email about finished installation

Wait until you receive an email from Hetzner stating that your machine is successfully installed.

Your server is now installed and ready to connect with GameServerApp!