Migrate to your GameServerApp server

Before migrating, please make sure to stop your GameServerApp server. Otherwise the Save files will be overwritten on restart.

To migrate your existing server to your GamesServerApp server, you need to move the save files.

Short list:

  1. Download the content of your saves directory from your current server.
  2. Upload the files to the saves directory for your GameServerApp server.
  3. Make sure to copy your configuration files. You can store these via the website, in your Config templates.
  4. Start your server & go!

1. Connect via FTP with your GSA server

You can access the files on your game server, via the "Connect" tab. You can find this tab via Game servers -> Click game server name you want to access -> Access the "connect" tab. Here you can find the credentials that allows to you access the game server via FTP.

2. Locate the save directory in GSA FTP

To connect with the server via FTP, you can use a FTP client (application) like FileZilla. You can download FileZilla for free here:  https://filezilla-project.org/. In FileZilla you can enter the FTP credentials displayed on the 'Connect' tab. Once connected you will find a few directories, like: SavedArks, Logs and Mods.

Use FileZilla to navigate into the dir that stores the saves. For games like ARK and Atlas this is the SavedArks folder.

3. Connect with your old game server

Now it is time to connect with your old game server, via FTP. Once connected navigate to the folder that stores the saves. The location can be different per hosting party. When unsure please reach out to their support.

4. Download save files from old game server

After locating the saves directory, you should download the entire directory to your computer.

5. Upload saves to GSA server

Once downloaded, you can upload the contents (all files in the saves directory you just downloaded) to the saves directory on your GameServerApp server. When the upload is completed, you successfully transferred your saved data. 

6. Migrate config files

If you haven't done already you can now download your config files from your old provider.

  1. Go to Config templates on your GSA dashboard and create a new config template. 
  2. When you open the new config template you will see the config files listed on the page.
  3. Switch your config template to "Advanced mode" by clicking the dropdown next to "Save settings" in the top-right corner.
  4. Copy the content of your downloaded configs into your new config template.
  5. Activate the config template on your new server (dropdown top-right corner)
  6. Done!

Players / Groups not showing up It may take some time for players & tribes to show up for your new server. To speed up the process activate the "Index players & groups" at the bottom of the game server settings page. You can only do this once every hour, so make sure you are fully migrated before activating.