DediConnect things to consider

With GSA:DediConnect you can connect your own dedicated server to GameServerApp (GSA). GameServerApp makes it easier for you to manage the game servers on your dedicated machine.

Supported Operating Systems (OS)

Currently you can use Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux) and Windows Server 2019 Standard. Other systems are not supported.

What dedicated machines do you recommend?

You can choose any dedicated machine provider outside OVH, SoYouStart or Hetzner. You can find a list of the recommended servers here in our Supported provider article.
If you have a machine hosted somewhere else make sure to check out the non-supported provider information.

How to install?

GSA has guides that explain how to install Linux for OVH, SoYouStart and Hetzner.

For Windows you can just order a Windows server with either of the listed providers. When Windows is running on your machine, prepare it to connect with GSA

What kind of machine do you recommend?

It is best to use a machine that has 64GB memory. For more information take a look at the recommended machines list.

Sync multiple machines?

For games like ARK it can be required to connect your machines, for a shared cluster. GSA has setup the basics for you to quickly connect all your machines using Syncthing.
Please contact the helpdesk to setup Syncthing on your machine. When this is installed, you can easily configure the sync.

Add your first game server

When you successfully connected your GSA:DediConnect machine to GSA and finished all the steps, you can add your first game server.

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