Windows - Multiple machines on 1 IP

This guide is created for very specific cases. Please do not follow instructions in this guide unless you are requested to do so by a GSA representative.

Changing SSH Port

Open a Window and navigate to C:\ProgramData\ssh. Open file sshd_config with Notepad.

Change SSH port in the sshd_config file to the number you were instructed to by the GSA representative.
Make sure you also remove the # before "Port".
Save the file when you are done.

Restart SSH

Open PowerShell and run Restart-Service sshd -Force to restart SSH with the new port settings.

Update firewall rule

Click the Windows icon and type "fire". Then launch the Windows Defender Firewall application.

In the Windows Defender Firewall application click Advanced settings.

Then click on Inbound Rules and locate the OpenSSH Server (sshd) firewall rule.
Right click the OpenSSH Server (sshd) and click on Properties in the dropdown menu.

In OpenSSH Server (sshd) Properties click on the Protocols and Ports tab and change the Local port to the port number as instructed by the GSA representative.

When you're done, hit OK.

Your machine is now correctly configured!