Invite additional admins to your dashboard

Only owner can contact support
If you run into technical difficulties, please do note that only the owner of the dashboard is able to contact the help desk. We reject requests from Additional admins.

Inviting Additional admins requires a paid add-on. You can learn more about Add-ons and pricing on the Add-on page, on your dashboard.
Go to additional admin page

Invite admin to your dashboard

You can invite admins to your GameServerApp dashboard. The person must have a registered GSA account.

Admin teams

You can control what admins can do by creating Admin teams. You can assign each admin to a team.
Each team can have separate settings, allowing you to restrict access to certain features and machines / clusters / game servers.

Test Team permissions

You can test-drive the permissions from your account, seeing exactly what admins in that team will see.

Switching dashboard

After adding the additional admins, they can access your dashboard by using the dashboard switcher. You can switch dashboards by clicking the dropdown icon on the top-left of your screen, next to your community's name.