GSA Integration mod with RconConnect

After connecting your RconConnect game server and installing the GSA Integration mod, it is time to add the INI settings to your configs.
The settings are different for each game server. It is not recommended to use the same configuration for all servers.

This guide is NOT for GSA:Hosted & DediConnect
For GSA:Hosted and DediConnect the INI settings are configured automatically. All you need to do is install the mod.

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Connect your game server
This guide assumes you connected your game server to GSA already.

1. Go to your game server's settings page

Go to your game server overview page.

2. Go to "Integrate" page

On the Integrate page there are a couple blocks displayed. Find the one with the name "GSA Integration mod" and copy everything inside the text field into your GameUserSettings.ini.

Not seeing the "Integrate" tab? Then you're probably using GSA:Hosted or DediConnect. Scroll up and read the text at the top.

3. Restart your game server

Make sure to restart your server after changing the INI's. You GSA Integration mod is now ready for use!

Troubleshooting issues

If you experience issues with the Integration mod, you can use a special "debug=true" config setting to have the mod report debug information.

Make sure to add -servergamelog to your launch parameters, so the game will write the debug info to a file.

Add " debug=true" as the example below: