MySQL on your DediConnect (Windows)

This guides help you install the MySQL service on your DediConnect Windows Machine.

Multiple databases
Each machine can have 1 MySQL server installed. You can run unlimited databases on a single MySQL server. To create multiple databases, connect with your MySQL server and create multiple databases.

1. Go to your Machine overview

2. Install service

2. Pick the service you want to install

3. Your machine will now install the service.

You can find the service on both your machine and cluster overview. The service will install automatically on the first self-hosted cluster available.
To find the service credentials, go to the service settings page.

Remote access

By default your machine is configured to block all remote access to your MySQL service.
GSA does not recommend making your MySQL service available for remote access. Rather whitelist IP's if you have multiple machines.

You can find the firewall rules in the Windows Firewall.