Resize game server

When you need more or less resources you can switch to a different plan. Up-and downgrading happens on a pro-rata basis. This means that when you downgrade, the difference is compensated with your next bill. You do not receive money back. When upgrading the difference is charged to your account. Prepaid plans can not switch to a different plan.

Moving to a different location
You can use this feature to relocate your game server. If you want to move from Europe to America, you can do so without any additional costs.
Go to the Switch plan page and select a different location. When you leave the plan unchanged, you won't be charged.

Things to keep in mind
Switching to a different plan may move you to a different machine in the GSA network. This means the IP for your game server can change.
Switching may require a reinstallation. This is done automatically for you but can take up to 30 minutes. During this period your game server is offline.

1. Navigate to game server Billings page

2. Click "Switch plan"

3. Make your changes and click "Change plan"