Setup custom mod map

The custom mod map feature is available for certain games. If your game server does not show this option, its not available at this moment.

1. Navigate to game server map settings

Select "Custom map" in the dropdown.

2. Enter the custom map name

For some games you need to setup a particular map name, or it wont work.

Follow this convention:  /Game/Mods/869946022/Hope

  1. Replace the number with the mod ID
  2. Replace the name at the end (Hope) with the map name you can find via FTP in the mod folder.

Conan Exiles
For Conan Exiles it works a little different.

Here are some examples:
Savage wilds: /Game/Mods/Savage_Wilds/Savage_Wilds
Isle of Siptah: /Game/DLC_EXT/DLC_Siptah/Maps/DLC_Isle_of_Siptah