Install Minecraft Forge

Follow these simple steps to install Forge on your Minecraft server. Forge will allow you to run mods on your server.

1. Download Minecraft Forge to your computer

Go to the Minecraft Forge website and download the installer. Click "Skip" in the top right to download the JAR file.

2. Create "Minecraft" folder on your Desktop

3. Launch downloaded Forge jar file

  1. Launch (double-click) the jar file you just downloaded. This is likely located in your Download folder
  2. If you see an error, please make sure to download Java first.
  3. Click "Install server".
  4. Change the path to the Minecraft folder you just created on your desktop.
  5. Click OK.

4. Wait for it to finish

When it is done, click OK.

5. Rename file

Rename the file to minecraft_server.jar.

6. Confirm name change

Confirm the name now says minecraft_server.jar.

7. Upload via FTP

Open your favourite FTP client and connect with your GSA server. Next head to the Files folder.

8. Upload Minecraft file

Drag all the files in the Minecraft folder on your desktop to the Files folder in FTP.

9. Replace existing

10. Wait for upload to finish

After the update was done, you can start your Minecraft server with Forge installed!

Tip! If you don't want your game server to update, make sure to disable automatic updates.