Create shop packages

This guide assumes you have prepared the contents of the new shop package.
If you have not done this yet, please see the upload your shop package items guide first.

Set a title and description for your shop pack. 

Step 1: Choose pack contents

Specify what your customer should receive when they buy this shop pack.

If you have downloaded your tribute to a storage box, please select 'Choose items from storage box' and select the item.
If you have just uploaded items/dino's to your ARK inventory, select 'Download tribute contents' and select your character in the dropdown.

You can also specify a certain RCON command to be executed as delivery.

Step 2: Setup image

We recommend uploading a PNG, that has a transparent background. Please make sure that the file is below 70Kb.

Step 3: Determine the token price

Set the price for this shop pack. To make the shop pack available for free, enter: 0
If you are not familiar with tokens: learn more about tokens.

Step 4: Purchasing limits

To keep control of how often players can buy items from the shop, you can set a purchase limit.
You can have unlimited purchases, or limiting the amount of purchased to once a year.

If you want to be really specific, you can with the daily limits.

Your shop pack is now ready for the shop!

Below are examples of how a shop pack will look on your community website.

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