Shop packs

Create your own professional shop in minutes, without any technical experience.
Players purchase Shop packs with Tokens via your Community website or the In-game shop.

Compared to Supporter Tiers
Where players can buy Supporter Tiers with money (USD, EURO, CAD etc), a Shop pack can only be purchased with Tokens.

Shop pack types

There are 2 kind of Shop pack types:


As the name implies, is a single package. There are no sub packages when you pick a Single type.


Want to sell the same item, but in different quantities or bundle a group of similar items? Go with the Collection: it's a bundle of items.

Creating a Shop pack

1. Click "Create a Shop pack" or "+ New Shop pack"

Enter a name for your new Shop pack, select the type and for what game you want to make the Shop pack. Then click  Create.

2.  Shop settings

Add a description about what players receive when they purchase this Shop pack. If the selected game supports the in-game shop, you can also select an in-game image.

What players see in-game:

What players see in your web shop:

3. Advanced settings & pricing

Set a price and how frequently players can buy packs.

You can make the Shop pack visible to anyone, or only to players with a specific Custom role under "Visible in shop".
If you don't want players to order this pack on any particular cluster or game server, you can do so by blocking entire clusters or individual game servers.

3. Delivery content

Now it is time to set up what GSA has to do when your player buys the Shop pack, like assigning the appropriate Discord role etc.
We set this up with the help of GSA's Delivery Builder.

Learn more about the Delivery Builder ยป