Find your SavedArks FTP path for RconConnect

To find the SavedArks path for your RconConnect server, please make sure to install a FTP server first.

Incompatible with...
Ohhh noes! Due to a TCAdmin misconfiguration GPortal, GTX Gaming & Host Havoc servers do not work unless their help desk fixes the FTP settings on your server. Please reach out to their help desk or find another hosting provider. Learn how to fix ยป

Step 1: Install FileZilla server

If you already have a FTP / SSH server setup or when you rent a game server that comes with FTP information, please skip step 1.

Go to and download the server version. Then install it on your machine.

Step 2: Install FileZilla client on your personal computer

Go to and download the client version. Install the client on your personal computer.

Step 3: Connect with your server using the FileZilla Client

Open the FileZilla client on your personal computer and enter the IP, username and password for your FileZilla server.

Step 4: Navigate to your SavedArks folder

On the right window, navigate to your SavedArks folder.

Step 5: Copy "Remote site" path

Copy the path in "Remote site" and paste this in the "SavedArks" field on the GSA RconConnect form.