Prepare your SoYouStart Windows server

Preparing your SoYouStart (game-)server takes approximately 20 minutes, including the install time for Windows (Windows Server 2019 Standard).

This guide is for Windows only.

Login to your SoYouStart admin panel. Based on your server's region, you need to use a different login URL:

Note: Your credentials only work in 1 region. If you're getting errors about invalid login credentials, make sure you are trying to login in the right region!

If, for whatever reason, you made a mistake during the installation, worry not. You can repeat these steps when something went wrong.


Proceed to the login form, by clicking the "Log in" button.

Enter your SoYouStart credentials

Begin server installation

Choosing the Operating System

Final confirmation (almost done!)


When the installation process is done (approx. 10 - 20 mins), you will receive an e-mail from SoYouStart with your server credentials (IP, Username & Password).

Now follow the steps in this guide, to make sure you are not going to have any connection issues:

If you make any changes (re-installing, changing password etc) on the SoYouStart website after this moment, you might cause issues with the connection between your machine & GameserverApp. Please do not make any changes from here, to your SoYouStart account!

Please wait until you received an e-mail from SoYouStart before going to the next guide!
Once you received the e-mail, please by allowing access to your machine!