Pick the right GSA:Hosted plan

What plan is right for what you want to achieve? That can be a tough question. Here are some pointers that should help you pick the right plan.


This package is great for a group of friends, as a test server or for game servers that don't require much resources (like Valheim).
The game server is hosted on a shared performant hardware.


Your game server runs on dedicated hardware. This means, unlike with Explorer, that the resources (CPU / Memory) you buy from GSA is detected to your game server only. These servers come with DDoS protection which can be tailored to particular games when needed. For the average community this will be your best choice.

Most GSA customers use this plan to host 30 - 50 concurrent online players on ARK (or similar games). The number mostly depends on your rates and mods. With normal rates you can easily host 70+ players on these servers.


When Founder has insufficient resources for your community, you can upgrade to more resources with Settler. It adds an extra vCPU and more memory (RAM). Everything else is the same.


For the power-hungry.
This plan should be considered when you have more than 70 concurrent players on a map. Your game servers are hosted on the most performant hardware currently available.