Transfer ownership

What is transferred?
When you transfer the ownership of a dashboard, everything on your dashboard will be owned by the new owner. We do not allow partial transfers.
If you do not want to transfer everything, you can manually move the stuff you want to transfer to the new owner.

Can I temporarily transfer?
Transfers are permanent. When you transferred ownership to another account this is permanent. You lose all the rights.

Do I get a refund when I transfer ownership to someone else?
Nope, there is no refund.

How to prepare for an ownership transfer
When you want to transfer the ownership of your dashboard to someone else, there are a couple things you need to do first:

  1. Make sure the new owner is an additional admin on your dashboard
  2. Cancel all subscriptions on your account
  3. Send an email to the help desk with the request to transfer ownership. Include the email address for the new owner.

Transfer process

The ownership transfer requires a couple steps:

  1. GSA will ask you to confirm you understand that with the ownership transfer you lose access to all data on the dashboard.
  2. GSA will reach out to the new owner to confirm they are aware of the request.
  3. GSA will ask the new owner to order replacement subscriptions, which must be equal to the current subscriptions.
  4. When the subscriptions have been ordered by the new owner, GSA will replace the new subscriptions with the old ones (purchased by the old owner).
  5. The new owner will be granted owner rights and the old owner will be removed.
  6. Both parties will receive a confirmation per email.


The ownership transfer, as explained above, only involves changing who owns a dashboard. This means does not check what is being transferred. It is the current owner's responsibility to make sure all the information is ready for the transfer. is not responsible for any data loss. is not involved in any agreements between the current and the new owner. If either party does not comply with what they agreed upon, that is your problem. Once the transfer is complete, the old owner loses all rights to the dashboard.

If you fail to meet financial obligations, your account and subscriptions will be terminated. When the current owner and/or the new owner continue the transfer process you acknowledge you understand and agree with these terms.