Supporter Tier

Accept payments via your PayPal account and automatically give perks to buyers.
Encourage players to help pay for server costs by giving rewards in return for their support.

Compared to Shop packs
Where players can buy Shop packs only with Tokens, a Supporter Tier can only be purchased with money (USD, EURO, CAD etc).

Creating a Supporter Tier

1. Click "Create new Tier" or "+ New Tier"

Enter a name for your new Tier and hit Create.

2.  Tier settings

Add a description about what players receive when they purchase this Tier.
You can set a price in various currencies. With the Add-on you can create recurring subscriptions too!

When you have everything set up, you can check "Active / Purchasable". This will make the new Tier visible on your Community website.

What your players see:

3. Delivery content

Now it is time to set up what GSA has to do when your player buys the Supporter Tier, like assigning the appropriate Discord role etc.
We set this up with the help of GSA's Delivery Builder.

Learn more about the Delivery Builder ยป