Task / Delivery Builder

The Task & Delivery Builder helps you create advanced Shop packs, Supporter Tier, Vote rewards and Tasks using a simple drag-and-drop builder.
When you know how to work with one of them, you know how work with all.

In this article:

With a task / delivery, you're basically instructing GSA what it should do, like assign a Discord Role to some player.

Tasks / Deliveries are built-up using Action blocks. Each "thing" you want GSA to do is an Action, for example: assigning a Discord Role is an Action, sending an in-game message is an Action, etc. You can use the same Action multiple times in a task / delivery.

In the examples below we are using a Supporter Tier, but it works exactly the same for Shop packs, Vote rewards, Tasks, etc.

Adding your first Action block

First we open the Action block popup, to pick the Action we want to add to our delivery.

In the popup you select the Action you want to add to your delivery. In this example we go with "Discord Role", to assign a Discord Role to the player that buys our Supporter Tier.   At the bottom of this article is a list of all available Action blocks.

Easy-peasy, right?

The Action block will appear in your delivery. All left to do is setup the right configurations, like which Discord Role and for how long you want the Discord Role to stick to the player.

Available Action blocks


Add if/else logic to your delivery with Conditional blocks.
This Action block supports adding sub-Action blocks, which run when the conditions are met.


Randomly execute one of the sub options based on chance settings.
This Action block supports adding sub-Action blocks, per Randomizer option.

Queue / Schedule

Schedule actions that should execute somewhere in the future.
This Action block supports adding sub-Action blocks, which run after specified amount of time.

In-game command

Execute in-game RCON / Websocket / Telnet commands, with variables.
Supports unlimited numbers of commands. For Shop packs the Game selector is hidden.

Discord Role

Assign or remove a Discord Role from the associated Discord user.

Discord Message

Post a custom message in your selected Discord channel.

In-game DM (Direct Message)

Send an in-game Direct Message (DM) to the character.

In-game broadcast

Send an in-game global message / broadcast to the game server.


Add / remove whitelist for a specific cluster, game server or all.

Custom Role

Add or remove a Custom Role for the associated player.

Send tokens

Send tokens to the associated or all (online) players.
Works with both a fixed amount and a random amount, where you can set the range.

Donor status

Give player the Donor status for predetermined amount of time.

Shop pack

Send a Shop pack to the player.This Action is not available in the Shop pack Delivery Builder.

Storage Pack

Send an in-game upload (ARK only).

Kick Player

Kicks player from the game server(s).

Claim vote

Claims any claimable votes for the player.

Integration mod

Activate special GSA Integration mod features, like:

  • Open Report UI
  • Open Review UI
  • Kill player
  • Teleport player

Task control

Enable or Disable a Task. Can be useful for events etc.

Change Config template

Can be used to automatically activate weekend rates, allow players to pay for increased rates and much more.

Start game server

Starts the selected game server(s).

Schedule shutdown

Schedule a shutdown for the selected game server(s).

Schedule restart

Schedule a restart for the selected game server(s).

Schedule update

Schedule an update for the selected game server(s).

Wipe game server

Perform a game server wipe, with various options like:

  • Full wipe (same as Danger zone wipe)
  • Wipe player data only (RUST)
  • Wipe world only (RUST)

Create backup

Create a backup with an optional automated cleanup of old backups with the same name.