Vote rewards

Reward players that vote for your game servers, with Vote Rewards.
Connect over 15+ vote sites. Automatically displays vote buttons on your community website, in Discord and in-game.

Compared to Shop packs
Where players can only buy Shop packs with Tokens, a Vote reward can only be obtained by voting for a game server.

Creating a Vote reward

1. Click "Create new Reward" or "+ New Vote reward"

Enter a name for your new Vote reward. Then click  Create.

2. Reward settings

Add a description and configure a condition.

With the "When to send reward" conditions you can configure when this Reward will be given to a player. 
You can always have the reward sent to the player when they voted, regardless of their Custom role. But you can also choose to make this reward sent only when that player has specific Custom role, opening the door for Tiered vote rewards!

3. Delivery content

Now it is time to set up what GSA has to do when a player voted (assuming the conditions you set are met), like assigning the appropriate Discord role etc.
We set this up with the help of GSA's Delivery Builder.

Learn more about the Delivery Builder ยป

Advanced Vote rewards

Give extra perks to your loyal voters. Setup Tasks that hand out rewards when people voted X times per day / week / month.