(Windows) Setup a FTP server for RconConnect

For certain games you need a FTP connection to allow GSA to access certain information about your game server.

When you are using DediConnect, you can (and must) skip this guide. All this is done automatically for you.

1. Download FileZilla server

On your Dedicated machine, open a browser and navigate to: https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=server.

Then click "Download".

2. Install FileZilla

Launch the file you just downloaded.

Enter a password
This password is used to manage your FTP server. Make sure to pick a strong password and write it down somewhere.

3. Connect to FileZilla FTP server

Hit the "Connect to FileZilla FTP server" button. Then enter your FTP management password (the one you setup in the previous step).

4. Setup FTP user

Click "Server" and then "Configure". This brings up the management panel

Change "Credentials" to "Require a password to log in" and set a strong password.
Make sure to write down this password. You need to enter this password at the RconConnect FTP form later.

5. Configure passive mode

Now we should open those ports in your firewall. This guide only opens the ports in the Windows Defender Firewall.

If you have any other firewalls setup, you should open up port 21 and range 11000 - 12000 manually.

6. Open ports in firewall

Opening ports can cause a risk. This is why you should always use a strong password on your FTP user. Otherwise people on the internet might be able to access your FTP server.
You have been warned!

7. Adding Firewall rule

8. Connect to GSA! 

You're done setting up now. Continue with the following guide to find the right path for your game server: