Increased Memory / RAM usage

There can be multiple reasons for your game server to use more memory over time:

  1. Some mods use a lot of memory. Try disabling all mods to verify if a mod is causing the increased memory use. (You can create a snapshot to ensure no damage is done with disabling the mods)
  2. Sometimes an update to the game brings issues which causes an increase in memory usage by the game server. The game developers should release a new update soon.
  3. A lot of structures and tamed dino's can impact the memory usage over time. You can use auto-decay and similar features to bring down memory usage.

If none of the above steps managed to help you out, you might need to resize your game server to a bigger size. A busy game server easily uses 9+ GB

How to test if you are dealing with natural growth
The easiest way to test if the memory increase is caused by natural growth is by following the steps below:

  1. Create a snapshot of your game server
  2. Shutdown your game server
  3. Login via FTP and remove all files in the "SavedArks" directory
  4. Start your server back up

You will notice that the memory usage is all the way down to original usage (a clean server).
You can now shutdown the server and restore the snapshot. After restoring the snapshot you can start your server back up and the memory usage will increase to the high levels again.