Connect Stripe account

Players can purchase Supporter Tiers via Stripe.
Stripe is currently only available for customers with any Premium Add-on.

It's your money!
Sales are made via your Stripe account, and money is transferred directly to your Stripe account. GSA does not take a cut and your money never touches our bank account.

Why we need Stripe API keys (in layman terms)
GSA instructs Stripe, on your behalf, to charge your customer. This happens behind the scenes via the Stripe API.
For Stripe to accept these instructions, it needs GSA to send along your API keys to verify you granted us permission to do that on your behalf.

When the payment is finished GSA will verify whether the payment was successful and process the content of the Supporter Tier that your customer purchased.

If you experience problems with getting your Stripe account verified or if you experience any other problems with Stripe, please contact Stripe about these issues. GSA can not help you with Stripe related problems.

Connect your Stripe with GSA

Step 1: Log into your Stripe account

Navigate to and login. You need to have a valid Stripe account for this.

Stripe account ready?
Make sure your Stripe account has gone through all the steps to accept payments. You won't be able to connect a Stripe account in test-mode.

Step 2: Click "Create restricted key"

Go to the API keys page, under Developers:
Then click "Create restricted key" to generate the API key.

Step 3: Setup name

Enter 'GameServerApp' in the "Key name" field.

Step 4: Select specified permissions

Enable only the permissions highlighted below:

4 Permissions
Make sure you enabled only the permissions listed above. Allowing more permissions can cause security risks.

Step 5: Get your API key

Never share your API key with anyone!
GSA staff will never ask you for this information. Treat it as your password: keep it safe and secure.

Your API key is used for GameServerApp and Stripe to communicate.
We store your API key encrypted on our servers.

Click on 'Reveal live key' to show your API key.

Step 6: Enter Stripe API key in Stripe form on GameServerApp

On your GSA dashboard go to Monetization -> Settings -> Stripe and enter the Restricted key you just generated and hit.

Your Stripe account is connected!
Please make sure to validate everything is working as expected by purchasing a Supporter Tier from your shop.