Connect Creator Patreon account

Connect your Patreon Creator account with GSA and automatically hand out rewards or give access to patreon-only game servers.
Patreon is currently only available for customers with any Premium Add-on.

1. Connect Patreon Creator

Go to Monetization -> Settings -> Patreon and hit the "Connect your Patreon" button.

2. Grant API access to GSA

Allow GSA to see your tiers and who's subscribed to those tiers.

3. Create GSA Supporter Tier for your Patreon Tiers

You can create a special connection between GSA Supporter Tiers and Patreon Tiers. When a Patreon subscriber connects their account with GSA, they automatically receive everything you setup on that GSA Supporter Tier. This allows you to grant whitelist access, send in-game items and much much more.

Learn more about Supporter Tiers and all their options.

How do your patroons connect?

  1. Your Patroons can login on your community website
  2. Then they must go to the settings page, on your community website
  3. Here they can connect their Patreon account
  4. The system will automatically check their account. This may take a couple minutes.

Please contact the help desk if you run into any difficulties