Allow access to your Windows Server 2022 machine

In order to use GameServerApp with your Windows Server 2022 machine, you need to allow remote communication with your machine. This allows the GameServerApp platform to access your server and execute commands. This is needed to install game servers and launch them at your request.

Is the Windows username you received from your machine provider not identical to "Administrator"?
Follow the steps in this guide first:

All instructions below must be executed on the machine you want to host the game servers on.

1. Login with the "Administrator" account on your Windows Server 2022 machine.

To login on your machine, use a program like Microsoft Remote Desktop.
In this application you enter the IP, username (Administrator) and password you received from your machine provider.

2. Open PowerShell

3. Run code in PowerShell

Copy/paste to entire code below in PowerShell and hit enter.

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile .\install-script.ps1; .\install-script.ps1

4. Wait for script to finish running

While the script is running, a window will appear that looks like this. DO NOT close the window. The script also installs all the latest Windows updates. Please be patient.

5. The script is done

Be patient!
Wait for the script to finish. It can take a while, depending on how quick your machine is. Wait for your machine to reboot!

When the script is done running. Your machine will automatically restart.
When it is back online, you can add it to GameServerApp!

Getting errors while running the script? Make sure you are logged in with the " Administrator" account! More info: