Set up a sale like "BLACK FRIDAY" or generate coupons for your loyal players.

Creating a new Discount

Hit "+New discount" on the Discount page. A screen will pop up where you can enter the name and choose a type. 

Available discount types:

  • Sales / Scheduled discount
    Can be used to discount all products on the shop during a predefined period. For example: BLACK Friday or Cyber monday.
  • Coupon codes
    Great for personal discounts to reward loyal players. Coupon codes are currently only applicable to Supporter Tiers.

General settings

This is the code that players need to enter on your community website to apply their special discount.

Custom Role
Optionally you can have Discounts made available only to players that have specific Custom Roles. For example to give extra perks to your VIPs.

Start & End date
The start date determines when the Scheduled discount or Coupon code is active. You can specify an end date too.

Usage limits
With usage limits you can limit how often all players or individual players can use a discount/sale.
If you only want 20 people to use the discount, in total, use the global limit. And use the player limit when you want each player to only have X discount purchases.
Limits are deactivated (unlimited) when set to "0".

Coupon code discount:

Sale / scheduled discount:

Sale banner text (Sale / Scheduled discount only)
For this type you can choose to have a special banner pop-up on your community website. The message you enter in "Sale banner text" will display on your community website.

Applying to specific Shop packs and/or Supporter Tiers

For all discounts you need to select which Shop packs & Supporter Tiers are available for the discount you're working on.
You can select a single item, all items, or a mix of Shop packs and Supporter Tiers.

Discount sales insight

See what purchases were made for each discount. You can see Sales (one-time purchase & subscriptions) as well as token purchases.
The page also shows you the total revenue or total tokens generated through that discount.