Memory leak / increase

What is a memory leak (and what isn't)
Over time your gameserver will use more memory. This is normal behaviour. The gameserver has to store all the dino's, players, items and buildings in its memory. Over time more will be created by players, thus increasing the memory that is used to store it all while running. This is not a memory leak, but normal behaviour.

If you notice a rapid (server crashes every X hours) increase in memory in a period of hours, you might be dealing with a memory leak.
A memory leak is a bug in an application where the memory is not correctly released, thus resulting in the application using up increased amounts of memory. A memory leak can cause crashes when the memory is fully used.

Rebooting the container
The first thing you might want to rule out, is anything related to the container. Although this is very uncommon, you can easily rule this out by rebooting the container. You can find a guide how to reboot the container here:

Gameserver application, Mod or Map
If the container reboot had no positive long-term effect on the memory usage, than it means the leakage is caused by the gameserver application or one of the installed mods.
Memory leaks in the gameserver or mods are not uncommon and sometimes an update from Wildcard or the modbuilder has a leak in it.

Please restart your gameserver with the default configurations, to eliminate any issues related to the mods installed or configurations. If the usage improves for a longer term, you might be dealing with a config or mod related leak. It usually is caused by mods. If one of you mods was recently update we advice to check with the mod creator.

If the default configs made no improvement, there probably is a memory leak in the gameserver application. Sometimes a certain map (ragnarok, the center, the island) has a leak.
When the bug is in the gameserver application or a map you can contact Wildcard via their forums ( to report the memory leak. 

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