Memory / RAM increasing causes

What causes memory / RAM to increase
Over time your game server will use more memory. This is normal behaviour. The game server has to store all the NPC's, players, items and buildings in its memory. Over time more will be created by players, thus increasing the memory that is used to store it all while running.

Restarting the game server
The first thing you might want to rule out is anything random. Try restarting your game server to see if the situation improves

What to expect and what to do:

  1. The memory usages is back at normal but slowly increases over the hours
    1. Rule out any memory leak issues with the game server (check with the game developer)
    2. Rule out any memory leak issues with mods / plugins (check with mod/plugin developer)
  2. The memory usages is very high immediately after starting.
    1. Upgrade to a higher game server plan

Memory leak
If the game server restart had no positive long-term effect on the memory usage, then it means the leakage is caused by the game server application or one of the installed mods.
Memory leaks in the game server or mods are not uncommon. This is software not created by GSA, so GSA can not fix this issue.