Gameserver not starting / crash at startup

Best practice: Please visit the bugreport forums (Steam & to make sure you are not dealing with a bug. If there is a known bug, we are not able to help. You can contact Wildcard to ask for an update. 

Sometimes your gameserver might experience issues starting up.
There are a usually a few reasons why this happens. This issue is usually very easy to fix.

To make sure you're not losing any progress, we strongly advise you to create a snapshot.

  1. If there was a recent update (game or mod) you should check or the Mod page, to rule out any issues with the latest update
    1. Updates frequently introduce problems. In that case you can try to contact Wildcard or the Mod developer for assistance. 
  2. If you just happen to be in the process of migrating from another provider / self-hosted server, we do advise to check how much memory the gameserver was consuming on the previous host. If your gameserver is using up more memory than is available, it will crash. 
    1. Try removing all save files. If your gameserver starts again, its very likely that you need more memory to run those save files. In order to get your gameserver up and running, you should lower the memory consumption of your gameserver (save files). In this case you either need to wipe your server, or upgrade to a bigger plan that has more memory.
      Extra info: Wen your gameserver is starting up, it will load all save files into its memory. If the save files are to big, it will use up to much memory and crash.
  3. Check the gameserverlogs via FTP
    1. Although the logs usually don't store much useful data, it can sometimes reveal crashlogs
  4. Try starting your gameserver with the default configs (no mods activated)
    1. If the server manages to start, there is an issue with your configs
    2. If you just migrated your configs from a different provider, please make sure to add "[/Script/Engine.GameSession]" (without the quotes) to the end of your GameUserSettings config
  5. Reboot the container
    1. Go to your gameserver overview
    2. Click the server that has the issues (make sure gameserver is shutdown)
    3. Click on the "Dangerzone" tab
    4. Enter your password in the "Reboot container" block
    5. Press "Reboot container" to reboot your container
  6. Re-install the gameserver
    Occasionally something goes wrong with the steam gameserver installation, causing the gameserver to have some issues. If none of the above suggestions solved your problems, please try a re-install.

If none of the above steps managed to help you out, please feel free to contact the helpdesk. We're happy to help!

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