Load event branch (holidayevent)

If you like to load a special event on your server, you can use the "beta branch" option. 
Wildcard will specify what arguments to use, to activate the event.

How to activate the command, for holidayevent

  1. Clone your Config template
    1. Tip: add the name of the event to your config template name, so you know what its for
  2. Access the cloned Config template and scroll down to the "Branch" box
  3. Enter the following line to the "branch" box, without quotes: "-beta holidayevent"
  4. Save the config template
  5. Navigate to your game server and switch the active Config template to the one you just edited.
  6. Once the config template is activated, you should re-install your game server.
  7. When the re-installation completed, your game server should be running on the branch.

How to deactivate the command, for holidayevent

  • Switch back to your previous Config template
    • To make absolutely sure the branch is removed, its recommended to re-save the "branch" field after switching back to the previous template
  • Re-install your game server
  • When the re-installation completed, you should be back on the normal branch (public).

NOTICE: It can happen that your game server is incorrectly detecting an update, when using a special branch. We therefor recommend to disable the auto-update feature while using any beta branches.