Advertise your ARK game server

If you're looking to advertise your game server(s), you can do so on the websites listed below. Please do make sure to check the rules on the specific websites/forums, to prevent getting banned / removed. 

Make sure your ad stands out!

  • Put together a text that gives a good representation of your server.
  • Add a link to your website
  • Be clear about the rates

Get your website ready
If you haven't setup a website yet, you can check out the GameserverApp community website. It shows everything like players on your servers, tribes, who is currently online.
A website where potentially new player can see the activity on your server and get a taste of the vibe can really boost your ad! Its free! Check it out.

When you're posting on a busy advertisement forum section, chances are you will be on the second page quite soon. To get back on the top, you can "bump". Bumping comes down to replying to your own post. For most forums this works very well. 
Do note that most forums have rules about how often you can bump. You may get removed or even banned when breaking these rules. So make sure to do your homework and checkout the rule!

Where you can advertise:

Alternative advertisement option
There are also forums where players are looking for a server/tribe. You are not allowed to create a server advertisement post here, but you can reply to people.
You will find that you won't be the only server-owner doing so. A good way to stand out from the crowd, is by posting a personal reply. Personal replies really do work.

Looking for Tribe/Server forum (Make sure you are logged in to STEAM!):

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