Install mods

It is very easy to install and manage your mods. 

Mod management page

  1. Navigate to your Game server overview
  2. Click the server you want to manage
  3. Navigate to "Mods" in the tab menu

Finding mods

If you have a string of mod ID's ready, you can go straight ahead to the installation process (see below). If you are new to mods, you can explore the available mods on the STEAM Workshop page.

Installing mods

There are a couple different ways you can install mods. All methods are very easy. You can install mods one at a time, or a bunch at once!
Below you see a screenshot where to enter the mod information. Below the image you can find examples of how to insert the mod information.

After entering the information, you can hit "Install mod" and the platform will take care of installing all the mods for you!

Note: If you have the auto-update feature turned on for your game server, it will automatically keep your mods up-to-date.