Prepare your OVH Linux server to connect

Preparing your OVH (game-)server takes approximately 15 minutes, including the install time for Linux (Ubuntu 16.04).

Navigate to your server
Login to your OVH account, and navigate to your OVH server. On the server-page, click on the install button next to "System (OS)".

Server installation

Choose Operating System (OS) and Customise partition

Edit partition

Edit the row where it says "/", by clicking the edit button (pencil) in that same row.

Adjust size

Change the size to "30000" (30k) and hit the confirm button.

Add partition

Hit the "Add a partition" button.

Enter partition settings

Change the type to "Primary" and enter "/lxd" in the Mount point field. Hit the confirm button when you are done.

Confirm change is applied

Install Original kernel

Your OVH (game-)server will now start the installation process. Please be patient, it can take 10 - 20 minutes. 

Now follow the steps in this guide, to make sure you are not going to have any connection issues:

If you make any changes (re-installing, changing password etc) on the OVH website after this moment, you might cause issues with the connection between your machine & GameserverApp. Please do not make any changes from here, to your OVH account!

Please wait until you received an e-mail from OVH before going to the next guide!
Once you received the e-mail, please proceed to the GameserverApp cloud panel and  add your dedicated OVH game server

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