Connect your Dedicated server to GameServerApp

Before you follow the steps below. Make sure you followed at least one of these guides to prepare your machine:

For unsupported Linux providers, please be aware this may require extra configurations. Read it carefully!

Most server providers send an email when your machine finished installing. Assuming you are using one of the supported machine providers, you will receive an e-mail with the server credentials (IP, username & password).

1. Hit "Add machine"

Log in to your GameServerApp account and navigate to page where you can Connect your machine.

2. Enter machine information

Enter the machine information and hit "Validate machine". This will check whether everything is configured correctly.

4. Connect now

When you selected the right plan and your machine is validated you can hit the "Connect now" button.

3. Install machine

After connecting your machine, you are redirected to the machine overview page. Go ahead and click "Install".
GameServerApp will automatically install all required software on your server.

4. Installing...

When the installation is done you will receive an email. Please note that it can take up to an hour for your machine to complete the installation.
Your server status will display Ready (may require a page refresh).

5. Add game servers to your machine

You can now  launch game servers on your dedicated server.

Trouble connecting?

If you experience issues, where your players are not able to connect with the game server, please checkout these guides: