Launch game servers on your dedicated server

When your dedicated server is successfully connected and installed, you can start adding game servers!

1. Confirm your account has self-hosted cluster

If you're new to GameServerApp your account will come with a self-hosted cluster. GSA:Hosted clusters and GSA:DediConnect cluster can not connect.

Go to Servers -> Game servers to access the cluster page. Then confirm a Self-hosted cluster is present. You can recognise a self-hosted cluster by its little red server icon.

If there is no self-hosted cluster available for your account. Please click Add cluster in the sidebar (right). You can check "GSA:DediConnect cluster" in the popup.

2. Add game server

You can add a game server to your self-hosted cluster by clicking on "Add game server".

3. Select machine to install

After you selected the map & config template you want activated on your new game server, you can determine where the new game server will install.
Select the machine you want this game server to install on.