DediConnect FAQ

The basics
DediConnect is a cost efficient way to host multiple game servers. It works exactly the same (*) as GSA:Hosted, but using a machine owned by you.
Renting a dedicated machine is very easy and with our guides anyone can do it. Check out our supported providers for a smooth ride.

* = Backups are stored on your machine, not on GSA's backup infrastructure.

Why go with a self-hosted machine?
Because it saves you a lot of money! It can easily save you 50% per month!

What is a DediConnect machine?
Pretty much any dedicated (root) server you host either at home or rent from a hosting provider is considered a DediConnect machine.
For a smooth experience we recommend using one of our supported server providers.

I am new to dedicated servers, is it hard to setup?
When using one of our supported server providers anyone can do it. We have step-by-step guides that anyone can use.

How many game servers can I run on my DediConnect machine?
You can run as many game servers on your machines as you want. Please do keep in mind that every dedicated server has its own limits. Trying to install 100 game servers on a tiny dedicated server will likely crash the server.

On average a single game server (ARK, for example) uses roughly 6GB ram. It's best to allocate at least 10GB per game server, to ensure you have enough room to grow.
So if you want to host 6 game servers, make sure to look for a DediConnect machine with at least 60GB of RAM / memory.

I only want to host 1 game server, should I purchase a dedicated server?
You are free to purchase a dedicated server, but it may be cheaper to start with a GSA:Hosted server. These are very powerful game servers. If your community expands, you can migrate to a self-hosted machine later.

Which dedicated server provider do you recommend?
We recommend all providers listed on our supported server providers list.

I already own a dedicated server
Thats great! We do recommend to use a fresh installed server, to ensure all is setup correctly. If you're not using a server provider from our supported server provider list, please find the required specifications at the bottom of that article.

Does the 48-hour trial apply to rented dedicated servers
There currently is no trial for the GSA:DediConnect.

Can I use the server for other things, like a web server for example?
You can! Its your server and we're not restricting anything. We do recommend to research any changes before applying these on your production (live) server, to prevent any unwanted downtime due to issues.

Is the firewall taken care of?
Our platform will setup some basic firewall rules. Each container get its own firewall forwards, which are kept to an absolute minimum, to maximise security. 

What happens after entering my server's credentials?
After entering the IP and credentials, which are stored on our platform using AES-256 encryption, the server will be installed (after clicking the "install" button). You can find all steps displayed here:

The platform will install all required packages. This usually takes between 10 and 60 minutes, depending on your servers CPU & download speed. All required settings that help run your game servers as smooth as possible are automatically set. The firewall is also setup, using some basic rules.

When the machine is successfully installed, you can launch game servers (