Configure SoYouStart GAME firewall

If you experience issues like players being unable to connect to your game server, you may need to configure the GAME firewall. The GAME firewall comes with each dedicated SoYouStart Game server. We do recommend to use this feature, as it protects your server against DDoS attacks.

1. Go to IP section

2. Navigate to "Game mitigation"

3. Remove existing rules

Remove the 3 records listed, which are there by default.  Wait for them to be completely gone.

4. Click "Add a rule"

Next, add new rules by pressing the " Add a rule" button.

5. Select "Other" and fill in port range

Are you hosting one game only? Feel free to select your game instead of "other". Keep in mind that this might cause issues if you host another game.

6. Repeat step 4 & 5 for below records

  • 27015 - 27300 
  • 30000 - 30300
  • 2456 - 2600

7. Confirm your settings

When you are done, the result should be similar to this: