Connect machines with Syncthing

If you're looking to use multiple machines, you need to setup a few things to share your cluster among all your machines.
This requires installing Syncthing, which is quite easy to install. 

Installing Syncthing
Before proceeding make sure you follow the guide to install Syncthing on both machines.
install Syncthing on your machine

When you need to connect more than 2 machines, please repeat these steps until all your machines are connected.

Configure Syncthing

When your machines has Syncthing installed, open 2 Syncthing pages. Navigate to your cluster overview, and go to Syncthing settings. Here you will find the URL and credentials.

Show ID for machine 1

In the Syncthing interface, hit Actions and Show ID.

Copy ID for machine 1

Copy the ID for machine 1.

Add device on Machine 2

On Machine 2 click "Add remote device" and paste the ID (the one you copied from on machine 1) in here. Do NOT click Save yet.

Edit Sharing settings

Navigate to the "Sharing" tab and activate "backup" and "cluster". Then hit Save.

Confirm on machine 1

Now go back to the Syncthing interface on Machine 1. After a short while a confirmation window will show up. This will ask you to confirm that you want to connect with Machine 2.
Do not add any device that you do not recognise.

Confirm sharing folders

When you saved machine 2. You are asked to confirm sharing the "backup" and "cluster" folder. Click "Share" for both.


Your machines are now synced.