Launch demo server

Welcome to GameServerApp! Here is a quick walkthrough to launch your demo server.

The demo server is a server just like any of our game servers, that you can put to your tests for 2 hours.

Please make sure to have an account setup and your e-mail confirmed.

Step 1: Click "Launch demo server" from the dashboard

Step 2: Choose a datacenter close to your location

You can also specify a specific map and setup a name, but this is optional.
GameserverApp automatically configures a cluster for all game servers, so you do not have to worry about that anymore.
The template is your config template. Here you manage your settings. For this guide this is out of scope, you can leave it as is for the demo.

If you have chosen the right datacenter, please click "Launch demo server now!".

Step 3: Setup your admin password

Your demo server will now start the installation process. This usually takes a couple minutes and you will be notified via e-mail when the installation process is done
Now you have to setup the admin password for your game server. This password can be used for RCON connections and in-game admin commands. Please use a password that is hard to guess for others.

Step 4: Start the game server

If you have setup the admin password, you can go ahead and start the game server right away.
If you did not setup the password, please click 'Configure'. This will lead you to the password page, where you can setup the admin password.

Step 5: Connect to your game server

To launch your game and jump in your demo server, simply click the "Connect now!" button.