Upload shop package items

This guides assumes you have emptied your tribute inventory.
If you have not done this yet, please check out the Empty tribute inventory guide first.

Step 1: Go to the nearest Obelisk / Supply crate

Jump into your ARK server and travel to the nearest Obelisk / Supply crate.
In this example we will be using an Obelisk, but the process is the same for both.

Step 2: Access the Obelisk / Supply crate

Upload dino

Select the 'Creatures' tab and upload the dino's you want in the shop package you are creating.

Upload item

Select the 'ARK DATA' tab and drag the items you want in the shop package from your inventory to the ARK DATA tab.

You can upload a single item or dino, or multiple, for a shop package. 

To transform the uploaded items/dino's to a shop pack, please proceed to the Create a shop package guide.

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