(Shop) Deliveries

The GameserverApp in-game delivery is fully automated. You can see all deliveries in real-time via the Orders & deliveries panel.

Processing queue

When a player orders an item from your shop, or if an admin manually sends an item to a player it will first shop up as 'Processing'.
Deliveries are only taking place when the receiver (the player) is online. You can delete a delivery from the queue.

You can also see if the player was notified, meaning he received a message in-game about the delivery.

Processed queue

When the player is online, a delivery attempt will be made. In some cases it is possible that the players inventory is full. In that case the player will be requested to empty the tribute inventory.
Reminders to empty the inventory will be sent at an interval, to reminder the receiver about the pending delivery.

Picked up

The delivery system will keep track of the delivery. If the receiver (partially) picks up their delivery, this will be display on the Orders & deliveries panel.
You can see when the order was delivered and when the user (partially) picked up the order.

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