Setup banlist for your server

If you are using an Easy mode config template, the ban list is automatically installed on your game server.
When using an Advanced mode config template or GSA:RconConnect, you need to manually add this to your config.

Step 1: Access the game server

Go to the game server overview page, and click the name of the game server.

Step 2: Copy your ban list URL code

Each server comes with it own ban list. If you ban a person, all your servers are notified to put that person on their ban list. This is all taken care of for you, in the background.
Please do make sure to update your ban list URL if you migrate to a different plan.

Step 3: Add ban list to your config

Make sure to add the line to your GameUserSettings.ini, under the [ServerSettings] tag.

Do not forget to restart your servers, for the ban list to become active.