Setup form on community website page

This guide assumes you have setup a form. In this guide we will create a new page, but you can also add a Form builder block to an existing page.

Step 1: Edit form page

The quickest way to display your form on the community website, is by clicking the 'Create new form page' on the form edit page.
This will open a new window, with pre-filled page rows and a form builder block.

Step 2: Select the form

Set a title for your page and select the form.
Make sure to select the right form, which should be displayed on your page.

Hit 'Publish'.

Step 3: View page

You can now view the page, with the new form, on the community website.

Example & sharing

A new window will open showing the page with the form. You can now share this URL with your players, or add it to the menu of your site.