Integration mod

Enhance the in-game experience with the mod

4 articles


Connect your existing game server with GSA

2 articles


Find a quick fix for all common issues in understandable chunks

10 articles


You provide the hardware and we provide you with the tools.

19 articles

Game servers

Info about migrating, dino-wipes and other game server related questions

39 articles


Upgrade your community to the next level with the Discord integration

3 articles

Webshop + deliveries

How to setup your shop, manage deliveries and configure PayPal

8 articles

Admin tools

How to fully utilise the tools that help you manage your community

12 articles

Form builder

Create your own automated whitelist RCON application forms and more

8 articles

Community website

Manage and setup your personal community website

12 articles


Further automate your community. Program tasks based on schedules or triggers

6 articles

Page builder

The GameserverApp Page builder helps you setup your website with ease

6 articles

Config template

Manage all your different config sets, without breaking a sweat

6 articles

Tips & Tricks

Promote your community and other tips to get your community running

2 articles


General information regarding the GameserverApp Platform

5 articles