General information regarding the GameServerApp Platform

14 articles

Team collaboration

Learn how to setup admin teams and manage permissions

3 articles

Automations / Tasks

Further automate your community. Program tasks based on schedules or triggers

6 articles


Learn about Shop packs, Supporter Tiers, Vote rewards and PayPal

13 articles

Admin tools

How to fully utilise the tools that help you manage your community

11 articles

Community website

Manage and setup your personal community website

19 articles

Form builder

Create your own automated whitelist RCON application forms and more

8 articles


Upgrade your community to the next level with the Discord integration

3 articles

Tips & Tricks

Promote your community and other tips to get your community running

1 article

Game servers


Find game specific guides and help articles for supported GSA games

6 articles


Easily migrate to GSA, launch a demo and more

4 articles


Find a quick fix for all common issues in understandable chunks

10 articles

Mods & Plugins

Install mod & plugins and configure auto updates

6 articles


Change the map, the slot limit and much more in seconds

7 articles


Ban lists, whitelists, back ups and multi-server actions

19 articles

Config templates

Manage all your different config sets, without breaking a sweat

9 articles


Getting started

Learn more about DediConnect and how to set it up

6 articles

Game servers & Services

Manage game servers and services on your DediConnect machine

6 articles

Settings & controls

Learn how to manage your DediConnect machine

6 articles


How-to's and specific guides

3 articles


Connect your Windows machine

5 articles

OVH machines

Quick setup guides for OVH machines

5 articles

Hetzner machines

Quick setup guides for Hetzner machines

3 articles

SoYouStart (SYS) machines

Quick setup guides for SYS machines

5 articles



Connect a game server you rent or host elsewhere with GSA

5 articles

Integration mod


Setup the GSA Integration mod easily

2 articles


Utilize the GSA Integration mod features

2 articles