Form settings

Every form has a few options that you can configure per form.

Form type
Determines the available features for this form, like the application review pages. For other types different actions will be available.
If you are creating a Whitelist application form, make sure to select 'Whitelist application' as the Form type.

Who can submit?
In some cases you may want to exclude accounts that do now have a character on your server, so the submissions are only those of actual players on your servers.
If anybody can apply, like for example with a whitelist application form, you can set this to 'Everyone'.

How often can accounts submit?
You can limit the amount of submissions each account can make. This works great for Polls.

E-mail setup required
When a whitelist application is approved or rejected, the submitter receives an update e-mail if they have their e-mail setup. With this option you can required accounts to have their e-mail setup, before submitting the form.

Close date
You can limit the time accounts have to send in their submissions. Once the close date has passed, submissions are rejected.