Setup ATLAS server

Easily setup your ATLAS cluster. The platform will automatically set all connection settings for you, making it very easy for anyone to setup an ATLAS cluster!

Step 1: Order your first server

All clusters start with the first server. This server will also be the main server for your cluster. It is recommended to pick one of the pre-configured servers, if you are new to ATLAS. For a multi grid cluster, you will need multiple game servers. For example: if you want to setup a 4x4 cluster, you will need 16 game servers (4x4=16). A 1x1 cluster consists of just 1 game server.

Step 2: Pick a plan that fits your needs

If you want to host a big cluster, we do recommend to have a powerful main-server (your first server). However, the platform allows you to resize your game server at any moment, without any additional costs. In general a 1CPU / 7GB game server should suffice.

Step 3: Configure while installing

Setup the admin password (used for in-game admin commands) and the Server X Y settings. The X Y settings determine the position of a server in the cluster grid. Please make sure to set your first server to 0 x 0. If you are setting up a big cluster, please check out the XY configuration examples.

You can also change the Server XY settings on the Settings page for your game server.

Step 4: Prepare uploading map images

ATLAS requires the server owner to upload the generated map & cell images. These images make up the in-game map.
If you use one of the pre-configured configurations, please download the associated ZIP for your configuration.

Note: You will only have to upload images to your 0,0 (x,y) server. The rest is automatically setup by GameserverApp!

Pre-configured config template images:

If you created your custom ATLAS map, make sure to export both the MAP and CELL images.

Connect via FTP
You can upload the images to your server using FTP. This is a very simple process. If you are not familiar, please find more information here: FTP connection

Step 5: Upload map images

Connect with your server via FTP and navigate to the directory "ServerGrid".

Now drag the images (MapImg.jpg & CellImg_x-x) to this directory. Make sure NOT to upload the "ServerGrid" folder, only the contents.

Step 6: Launch your game server(s)

You are done setting everything up! Time to launch your ATLAS server.

Repeat these steps (except step 4 & 5) for your expansion servers.