GameUserSettings or Game ini not (fully) loading

If you experience issues with configurations not loading, it is time to review your config. The ARK & ATLAS servers are very sensitive for invalid configurations. When an invalid configuration is detected, the file is ignored. Due to the ongoing changes on these configurations, it is impossible for to build systems that can detect these issues.

Use the default config

Best practise is to use our default config, provided to each account. You can also use our Easy config, to make it a lot easier to manage your configurations.

Create your own based on the default config

If you already have a config set, please consider using our default config and copy/paste your custom parts to your newly cloned default config. We do recommend to not copy/paste everything at once, as this will likely cause issues as well. 

Debugging a corrupt config

The easiest way to find out which part of your config is causing trouble, is by removing your custom parts bit by bit. After removing a part you should restart the server, and see if the other configs are now activated. Once you found the part that is causing the trouble, you can revert back to your initial corrupted config, and fix / remove the bad part.

  1. Clone your currently corrupted config
  2. Assign this new clone to your gameserver
  3. Remove 1 specific custom setting and save your config
  4. Restart your server and see if the other configs are now working
  5. Repeat these steps until you found the part that is corrupt