Tribe / Group logs to your private Discord

You can have the tribe / group logs for your group reported to your private Discord server. You can set it up in a matter of seconds.

1. Login on community website

Navigate to your community website and login with Steam.

2. Navigate to your tribe settings

3. Connect Discord

Click the link "Connect your account" to connect your Discord with your tribe / group

4. Verify its you (Steam)

If you logged onto the community website a while back, you are asked to verify it is you. You are redirected to the Steam login page. 
If you recently did this, you will automatically skip this step.

5. Authorize GameserverAppBot to your Discord

Select the server where you want the bot to report the tribe / group logs. Leave all permissions checked and hit Authorize.

6. Select the channel where you want to logs to report

If your connection was successful you can now select which channel you want to use for the log reporting.
Hit Save to store the channel.


The bot will now send a message to the selected channel confirming it is setup.